The Rat Fanciers of the Lakes are dedicated to holding safe, fun shows in Michigan. For many years, Michigan had a very bad reputation in the rat fancy as a hotbed of communicable rat diseases such as SDA, Sendai and KRV, due to poor quarantine and husbandry practices. Now, times have changed, and we believe with strict health checks and pre-show isolation, we can hold shows in this state without endangering the lives of our little friends for the sake of ribbons.

Showing is both fun and educational! For the breeder, a show is a chance to put your best breeding stock on the table and submit it to a neutral eye. For the pet owner, it's a chance to show off your cherished pet and maybe win a ribbon! And for all rat fanciers, it's a great opportunity to network and just hang out with other like-minded folks!

We show under the URSA (United Rat Standards Affiliation) rules, our titles are recognized by the North American Rat Registry!

At this time, RFL shows are open only to members of the RFL and guests. We maintain a high "health security" around all the animals that exhibitors have trusted us to safeguard. Because we cannot ensure that the general public is following proper quarantine and pre-show isolation procedures, at this time we are not allowing them into our show. All attendees must be exhibitors, or invitees, in order to provide safety and accountability.